Satellite Location and Fleet Administration

GPS-K business is a division of Kineret Group, specializing in the management, location and control of vehicles, motorcycles, heavy equipment and vehicle fleets using the latest satellite technology and highly sophisticated and reliable.

GPS-K is the modern solution to provide security for vehicles and persons, as well as monitor and manage fleets, routes and meeting customer visits. It is not only location via GPS (Global Position System), but also a technology platform for your safety and to improve the competitiveness of your business.



Our solution for fleet management, routing and customer visits.

How can we help in the administration of your fleet?

The demands of a globalized and increasingly aggressive competition force companies to be very efficient and, therefore, to manage all their resources in the best manner and at the lowest possible cost. Poor management of the vehicle fleet has greater fuel and maintenance costs, and also causes a deterioration in their delivery times and their customer relationship.

Current challenges in managing fleets are becoming larger and more complex. Companies face excessive costs due to:

  • Delivery delays
  • Fuel Scams
  • The use of unauthorized routes
  • Using transport for other purposes not approved by the company
  • Increasing operating costs (maintenance and fuel)
  • Loss originated by vehicle and/ its load theft.

Our GPS-K LOGISTIC system allows you to  manage, control and locate your entire automotive fleet in real-time from the comfort of your office or smartphone, under a robust, easy to use and using geo-referenced maps of high accuracy that can be customized by adding the location of its customers.

LOGISTICS GPS-K tool generates reports that can be used by the Operations Department in order to make better decisions in relation to the movement and behavior of their fleet force and their respective vehicle routes. You will be able to:

  •  Identify on a digital map where your fleet is on a real time basis.
  •  Identify the route taken by a vehicle either today or on a particular date
  • Know the distance traveled, the average speed and fuel consumption
  • Identify on a digital and private use map, the customers location around the country.
  • To provide real-time tracking of the route taken by a vehicle.
  • Control of visits to a client and how long they lasted.
  • Access to satellite photos of the sites where a vehicle is located or of the route it has followed.
  • Each vehicle under our system has a panic button that could be used in emergencies.
  • To establish geofences to prevent vehicles from getting out of the pre-established routes.
  • 30% discount on insurance coverage for vehicle theft.


Our security solution

How can we help with your control and safety of the vehicle for  your personal or family use?

Crime on our streets is increasing. Theft, carjacking (“bajonazos”), “millionaires walks” and kidnappings are becoming more and more common in our country. Protect your loved ones and their vehicles with SKY ALERT GPS-K, the best satellite location system for vehicular and personal safety in Costa Rica.


  • Enable the silent alert button that is notified via email or text messaging about the event. If required, support will be provided to relevant authorities.
  • Vehicle location in real time.
  • Speed control
  • Verification of the vehicle Ignition and turned off.
  • Central locking control and remote vehicle shutdown
  • Definition of geographical boundaries  where violations to the defined area are reported
  • 30% discount on insurance coverage for vehicle theft.


Advantages of our solutions

The GPS-K Logistics System is a highly sophisticated tool that allows real-time location of all your automotive fleet through a satellite tracking device (GPS) which receives its position through a network of 24 satellites, they send the location of the vehicle to a software that decodes the information and through geo-referenced maps locates exactly where the unit is.  Additionally, we have a software that allows you to track the routes, client visits and their duration. All in an easy and reliable way.

For heavy equipment, vehicle fleets and transportation equipment that move both within and outside the country; GPS-K LOGISTICS also offers 100% satellite technology with worldwide coverage at a competitive price.

GPS-K SKY ALERT system provides location services for private vehicles location, security and speed control. Satellite technology at the service of your company and your family.

What do we offer?


Our solutions allow you to view reports related to vehicle position, speed and average running time, among others.

Validation of Routes and visits to customers:

With our solutions you will know if the drivers followed the designated route, if they visited the customers they were supposed to visit and the time spent on each visit.


You can set up “virtual geofences” to control your vehicles. Any vehicle that “violates” (exits or enters) the pre geofences will be identified and a message will be generated to the system which warns about the situation so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Customized  Spots:

Our solutions allow to establish points of interest in the geo-reference map. These spots can be the premises of yours customers, or other important places such as gas stations, banks, shopping centers, etc. Everything is treated as strictly confidential and restricted information.

Satellite photos:

Both systems (GPS-K  LOGISTICS and GPS-K SKY ALERT) allow you to not only visualize vehicles allow you to view not only in Geo-referenced maps if you have the possibility to display satellite images. This feature allows you to get a better location of vehicles.

Panic and Assistance Buttons:

Through a Panic and Assistance button placed in the cabin, the driver has the possibility of generating an alarm system in case of theft, “bajonazo”, “walk millionaire”, kidnapping or any other emergency which will be attended by our monitoring center.

In case of being required we will support the public security forces and the Judicial Investigation Agency with the requested information.

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